What Are The Best Kind Of Mlm Products To Market

Today’s blog post might be a little touchy to some and others might agree with me as well but essentially of course i am going to try and be as fair as possible without trying to convince you that the business i am in has great products too and just share my personal views about What are the best kinds of mlm products to market specifically focusing on recruiting new reps into your business and not to based on just selling the products so that you can earn some commissions.

There are basically hundreds of different types of mlm products the largest being of course the Health and wellness industry which basically covers more then 50% of this topic alone. Other forms of products would include Travel, Educational Products, Household products, Weight Loss, Cosmetics and the list goes on and on and on.

The common strategy to sponsor reps into the business as we know it is to use the products as a way to find people whom are also interested to do the business and earn additional income and honestly there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Its has worked for the past 40 years and probably will continue to work for another 40 years.

But… Here is the thing…

For the average marketer, this will result to pitching their friends and family.

Question ~ Would you rather sponsor friends and family or network marketers?

Network marketers?? Exactly!


Because building a downline will compound your efforts massively resulting in you earning a nice residual income.

So What Are The Best Kind Of Mlm Products To Market

In Terms Of Recruiting Network Marketers?

For me… there are only 2 types of products. The best kind of mlm products for me are products that help you make more money and products that help you build your business i.e tools and services. You see my friend, with the age of internet its so easy to tap into network marketers especially on facebook and youtube but here is the problem.

Majority of network marketers are already in some kind of home business…. but

If you do have a business that is in this category, you will definitely find it easier to recruit network marketers and professionals then uncle Bob and aunt Bertha LOL

Here are some my criteria s on what the best kinds of mlm products to market

a higher joining fee so that i only get serious people a decent monthly maintenance fee to ensure that you do not experience a high attrition rate Products that are not readily available on the shelf at wallmart and etc No mass stocking up and inventory Company delivers the products for me, saving me time and money must be listed with direct selling and or better business bureau at least 3 years in operations minimum MUST BE ALLOWED TO BE PROMOTED ONLINE many companies actually have terms and conditions on this

So if you have pitched me on facebook or by email or skype and i didnt want to join… now you know why. In conclusion, your business reflects on the type of marketer you are. If you indulge in $5 and $10 programs online then you are perceived as a $5 and $10 person.

Hope you enjoyed this and if what you read on this article interests you to see what business i am in then simply hit the work with me tab above and let see if the shoe fits

See you at the top!

Aston Ogle